Praise for Adrienne deWolfe's Books:

“Adrienne deWolfe serves up a dose of pure fun. Fans of Westerns should get this one!” (Devil in Texas, Book 1, Lady Law & The Gunslinger)

– Heather Nordahl Files, Affaire de Coeur

“Western romance at its best.  Anything but predictable. Especially recommended for readers seeking a feisty, take-charge heroine.” (Devil in Texas, Book 1, Lady Law & The Gundslinger)

– D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review


“Ms. deWolfe brings fresh life to the genre due to her marvelous characters.  Only the best can bring forth an excellent, fast-paced novel that surprisingly reads new on (an old) topic.” (Texas Wildcat, Book 3, Wild Texas Nights)

– Harriet Klausner, Painted Rock Reviews


(His Wicked Dream) is peppered with delightful characters that had me grinning. I breezed through this book, unable to put it down.”

– Karen Larsen,


“Adrienne is undoubtedly an author to watch.  She writes beautifully, with a style as high, wide, and handsome as the Texas sky.  Texas Lover stole my heart!”

– Jennifer Blake, NYT Bestselling Author


“Adrienne deWolfe’s writing is clever and unconventional.  Guaranteed to please.” (Texas Outlaw, Book 1, Wild Texas Nights)

– Pamela Morsi, NYT Bestselling Author

“Silver is a delightful lead female protagonist, but the book belongs to that rapscallion, Rafe, robber of readers’ hearts. This is another winner for deWolfe.” (Scoundrel for Hire, Book 1, Velvet Lies)

– Harriet Klausner, Affaire de Coeur

“Wickedly funny!  This book sizzles with a scoundrel you won’t mind losing your heart to!” (Scoundrel for Hire, Book 1, Velvet Lies)

– Christina Dodd, NYT Bestselling Author

“Adrienne’s spunky heroine’s and sexy heroes offer an exciting read every time.  She is a true storyteller for anyone who enjoys something above the ordinary.”

– Julie Ortolon, USA Today Bestselling Author

“Loved, loved, LOVED, Shady Lady!  Such a different story, with great characters.”

– Barbara Ankrum, National Bestselling Author

(Texas Lover) will keep you entertained from the first page to the last.  Adrienne deWolfe has a great writing style, with plenty of humor and a pinch of naughtiness that is pure delight.”

– Marta Kiss, Belles and Beaux of Romance

“Scoundrel for Hire has everything: funny scenes, poignant scenes, paranormal scenes. . . A real page turner!”

– The Romance Journal

“These sensitive, marvelous characters will tug at your heartstrings and never let go.” (His Wicked Dream, Book 2, Velvet Lies)

– Rendezvous

“The grit and reality of the West with the warmth and tenderness of an Americana read.  (Texas Lover is) a romance of immense power and deep emotions. (DeWolfe’s) three-dimensional characters will warm your heart.”

– Kathe Robin, Romantic Times

“Texas Wildcat is a marvelous conclusion to (the Wild Texas Nights) trilogy. Three dimensional characters, snappy dialogue, sharp repartee, a realistic portrait of the era — as well as plenty of passion — make this a gem.”

– Kathe Robin, Romantic Times

“Adrienne writes from the heart.  The best part of Seduced by an Angel for me (was) the wedding ceremony. I pictured this so clear in my head, it felt like I was there with Jesse and Sera. It was wonderful.”

– Suzie Welker, Bunny's Book Reviews

“A delightful, laugh-out-loud romp that will lift your spirits and have you cheering for more.” (Scoundrel for Hire, Book 1, Velvet Lies)

– Kathe Robin, Romantic Times

“Spellbinding! Having read all three books in this series, this is far and away my favorite! I laughed loudly and cried soundly. I HIGHLY recommend (deWolfe’s) books.” (Seduced by an Angel, Book 3, Velvet Lies)

– Amazon Reviewer