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Bawdy Songs for a Sassy Siren

Schlock.  That’s what my high school English teacher called my best attempts at poetry when I was enrolled in his Creative Writing class. But the joke’s on Mr. Snooty, ‘cause nowadays, I’m a bestselling author, who writes bawdy rhymes for her latest heroine:  a wise-cracking, pistol-packing Pinkerton, who works undercover as a saloon singer. I […]

She’s on the Run ~ from her Heart!

Author’s Note:  DEVIL PLAYS WITH FIRE opens approximately 4 months after DANCE TO THE DEVIL’S TUNE, and continues the star-crossed love affair of Cass (the outlaw-turned-lawman) and Sadie (the Pinkerton Agent.) Spring, 1884 Wearing little more than longjohns and a week’s growth of beard, Cass stood up to his calves in Kentucky wildflowers. Behind him, […]

Diva 2 Detective: Secret Files of a Lady Pinkerton

Scribe’s Note:  Sadie Michelson is deep undercover, sending this transmission from her latest top-secret location. Per Agent Michelson’s instructions,  I have faithfully transcribed her 10 most memorable moments from her secret files – in the event that she fails to survive.  Be forewarned:  this transcript will self-destruct in 7 minutes . . . My childhood […]

Texas Lover: Sexy Ranger Hides a Secret!

Researching Old West lawmen for my Wild Texas Nights series was a real hoot. I learned that Texas Rangers adhere to a VERY strict dress code: They can only wear white or gray cowboy hats. (That’s right. No black Stetsons for the good guys.) They MUST pin their badges over their hearts. (Many a Ranger’s […]