Dear Reader,

October will live in infamy. I was happily writing page 400 of a new Fantasy novel when WHAMMO, my computer died. To make matters worse, my computer got stolen from the repair shop! I lost all my unpublished manuscripts.

I was catatonic.

Two days later, my publisher contacted me out of the blue, inviting me to write a fresh new novella for a Western Romance anthology. I couldn’t bear the thought of re-writing that Fantasy, so I threw myself into Shady Lady (the prequel to Devil in Texas.)

Shady Lady was the first story I conceived with the star-crossed lovers, Cass and Sadie. Published in the #1 bestselling anthology, Pistols and Petticoats, that novella poured out of me like dictation. I felt like I had lived in 1879, that I knew Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday, and that I’d performed on the Dodge City stage where Sadie sang her bawdy songs.

Historical western romance, Kentucky, paranormal romanceWhile Sadie was born in Shady Lady, her lover was born in Seduced by an Angel (Book 3, Velvet Lies series.) Ironically, “Coyote Cass” was supposed to be the villain of that novel, but he kept whispering in my ear: “Aw, c’mon, I’m not so bad. I need a book—and a woman—of my own!” The next thing I knew, I was doing something crazy: rewriting the plot of Seduced by an Angel so I could redeem Cass.

historical western romance, Texas, Galveston, Lampasas, Pinkerton, Texas Rangers, romantic suspenseThose revisions let me reunite Cass and Sadie in Devil in Texas. The story opens four years after Shady Lady, and 16 months after Seduced by an Angel. Cass is seeking redemption for his outlaw past, and Sadie (unbeknownst to Cass) is working undercover as a Lady Pinkerton.

Devil in Texas is Book One of Lady Law & The Gunslinger, my first Romantic Suspense series—although I like to think these books are a bit broader than that. I envision Cass and Sadie stories as Action-Adventure mixed with Romance. Throughout this series, you can expect lots of sparks and plenty of humor as Cass and Sadie work together—and sometimes against each other!—to rid the world of outlaws.

Welcome back to the Wild West, my friend. With Cass and Sadie, anything can happen. 

Let the sparks begin!

Adrienne deWolfe

Austin, Texas