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DEVIL IN TEXAS Sizzles with Bad Boy Hero

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Bestselling Romance Author

Austin, TX – She’s a Lady Pinkerton. He’s the outlaw ex-lover, who can blow her cover. The sparks fly when these star-crossed lovers reunite, waging a battle of wits and wiles in the new Western whodunit, Devil in Texas, by national bestselling author, Adrienne deWolfe. The novel is deWolfe’s first contribution to the Romantic Suspense genre.

“I have to confess,” deWolfe said with a laugh, “Cass and Sadie are rapidly becoming my favorite protagonists – mainly because they’re such smart-alecks. When I write, I hear them sparring in my head. Their dialogue is hilarious. Sometimes I feel like I’m taking dictation, rather than composing!”

Set in Galveston and Lampasas during the volatile campaign year of 1883, Devil in Texas launches the Lady Law and The Gunslinger Series.  Sadie, a veteran Pinkerton Agent, vows to bring to justice a corrupt senator, who has been ordering the murder of business rivals. But first, she must confront his hired gun, ‘Coyote Cass,’ the ex-lover who blames her for his trouble with the Rangers.

“Cass leaped into my imagination an entire book before Sadie did,” deWolfe said. “In fact, he was supposed to be the villain of Seduced by an Angel (Book 3, Velvet Lies Series.) But being the sly, smooth-talking rascal that he is, Cass kept whispering in my ear, ‘Aw, c’mon, I’m not so bad! I need a book and a woman of my own!’ The next thing I knew, I was doing something crazy: re-writing published ebooks in the Velvet Lies series so I could redeem Cass!”

DeWolfe dubs Cass “Lucifire,” because “he’s a devil with a gun,” she said.  “A youthful mistake derailed his dream of becoming a Texas Ranger, but he remains an intrinsically good man. So I asked myself, ‘What if I introduced the one woman whom my ‘Eros in Spurs’ could never forget? And what if I pitted these star-crossed lovers against each other, because Cass, in an attempt to prove himself worthy of Rangerhood, hires his guns to a scumbag senator? Turning Sadie into an undercover tin-star was the glue that held the idea together.”

This twist in the traditional Western plot has fueled lots of material for deWolfe’s fiction – stories that resulted in her Lady Law and The Gunslinger series. In Book 1, Devil in Texas, readers can delight in watching Cass and Sadie match wits, loving and warring all the way from Galveston’s seamy red-light district to the glittering health resorts of the “Saratoga of the South.”

As a spin-off of the Velvet Lies Series, Devil in Texas reunites readers with some beloved characters from His Wicked Dream (Book 2) and Seduced by an Angel, including a “furry prankster,” whom deWolfe described as, “my favorite humor device.” The prequel to Devil in Texas, the novella, Shady Lady, was published in 2014 in the #1 bestselling Historical Western Romance anthology, Pistols & Petticoats.

Devil in Texas received high praise from national bestselling Western Romance author, Barbara Ankrum:  “Adrienne deWolfe has done it again with a rousing adventure that’s sure to please any lover of Western novels. Deftly weaving rich characters with a sublimely unique plot, Devil in Texas is the perfect blend of laugh-out-loud storytelling and heartfelt emotion.  DeWolfe delivers a deliciously wicked pair of star-crossed lovers, a Texas-Ranger whodunit, and a rascally raccoon, named Vandy, who will steal your heart. Honestly, I couldn’t put it down!”

DeWolfe’s writing has also been praised by USA Today bestselling author, Julie Ortolon:  “Adrienne deWolfe never ceases to delight.  Her spunky heroine’s and sexy heroes offer an exciting read every time. The subtle levels and dimensions deWolfe gives her stories and her characters are an added bonus to an entertaining tale. She is a true storyteller for anyone who enjoys something above the ordinary.”

Based in Austin, Texas, deWolfe is the recipient of 48 writing awards, including the Best Historical Romance of the Year. She has written novels for Bantam Books and Avon Books, in addition to ePublishing Works, which is publishing Devil in Texas. The novel will be released on July 12 in print and ebook formats. Pre-ordering begins in mid-May. For more information, visit  Read an excerpt.

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