Cool Perks! Free Books! Swanky Swag!

Plus Discounts on Fiction Coaching…

The biggest day in an author’s life is the release date of her new book. I’m rallying my friends and supporters to help me spread the word. Want yummy perks when you help me promote my books?  Then keep reading …


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What is a Street Team?

Fab readers and volunteers, who tell readers how much fun an Adrienne deWolfe book is!   

What do Street Team members do?

  • Basic social media stuff – tweets, retweets, “likes,” blog comments, etc.
  • Write reviews of the deWolfe books that you like, and post your reviews to Amazon, B&N, Goodreads, Shelfari, and other online review sites, where appropriate.
  • Ask your local librarian to carry Adrienne deWolfe eBooks. (Only a few of my books are available in paperback.  Need a paperback edition?  Let me know.)
  • Distribute swag and goodies at reader-friendly meetings that you’re planning to attend “anyway.”  (Notify me several weeks in advance, and I’ll send you goodies to pass out.) 
  • Win prizes!

How does it work?

I will email you news about my books, and you will share the news with your Social networks – earning yourself a chance to win special prizes. 

What do Street Team members receive?

Members are eligible for my random “Street-Team Only” giveaways.  Prizes may include:

  • Gift cards
  • New books (not necessarily mine!)
  • Swag and bling
  • Special keepsakes, commemorating your favorite Adrienne deWolfe book. 
  • Reduced rates on mentoring / coaching services for Aspiring Authors

Note:  Whenever you post something to your Social Media network, please shoot me an email in case I miss it.  That way, I’ll make sure you receive extra chances for cool prizes!

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Street Team Guidelines

  • Seek out readers who are fans of Romance (especially Historical Romance and Western Romance.)
  • Seek out readers, who are willing to try a new author or genre.    
  • Recognize that some people don’t read Romance or enjoy Westerns.  That’s okay. Smile and move on.
  • Speak with enthusiasm, and thank everyone who listened.
  • Share the positive, ignore the negative. (Street Team members NEVER criticize or attack another Human Being through Social Media or on the Internet.)
  • Have fun and be sure to email me when you’ve promoted my work, so I can give you extra chances to win a prize!

To join my Street Team, send me an email, and I’ll get you set up!