Seduced By An Angel: Cherokee Wedding Prayer

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For years, I’ve been fascinated by Native American traditions, especially their reverence and respect for nature.  While writing Seduced By An Angel (Book 3, Velvet Lies), I researched many Cherokee customs, including their beautiful wedding ceremony.

Here’s my interpretation of the Cherokee Wedding Prayer, as it appears in Seduced By An Angel.

Great Spirit, hear our prayer.

Before Father Sky and Mother Earth,

And all the wonders of the world,

We offer our deepest gratitude for Your guidance,

For the day that You helped us find each other,

For the moment when You reunited our Spirits,

And for this sacred morning now,

When we pledge our lives in love.

We ask that Father Sky embrace us,

That we may always know his wisdom

as we walk the Good Red Road.

We ask that Mother Earth nurture us,

That our union may always know plentitude and peace.

We ask that Sacred Fire warm our hearts,

And keep our love-flame burning bright.

We ask that Sacred Water purify us,

That we may always honor each other’s Truth.

We ask that Sacred Wind breeze us through the storms,

Refreshed and renewed in the commitment to our love.

Great Spirit, we pray that we may live

In harmony with your creations:

With our Cousins who are Feathered, Furred, and Finned,

With the Stone People and the Green Brothers,

And with all the Powers, both seen and unseen,

That orchestrate this world.

Great Spirit, we ask for Your blessing,

That we may find happiness with each passing season;

That our love may deepen with each rising sun and star;

And that we may always know Your truest guidance

As we walk each day as husband and wife.

Great Spirit, before You

And all the majesty that You have created,

We seal these marriage vows.


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Historical Romance, Western Romance, Paranormal Romance, Cherokee Indians, Native Americans, KentuckyKentucky belle Seraphina Jones craves a dashing stranger worth kissing. When she spies her handsome, half-naked hired hand at the riverbank, she thinks her dreams of romance have come true. But this Texican is wanted for murder.

Jesse Quaid can’t let Sera’s sweet kisses distract him from rendezvousing with Cass, a childhood friend, to clear his name of a crime he didn’t commit.

But then a case of mistaken identity turns Cass into Jesse’s deadliest rival for Sera’s heart.  Now Sera must find a way to end the feud before the man she loves is lost forever.

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