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Riding with the Devil in Texas: Crazy Road Trip

My Texas romance-writing friends congregate in packs: we’re kind of like Lone Star(buck) Wolves. One Saturday morning, while sucking down enough caffeine and sugar to make my eyes float, a Writer Pal asked, “So where are you going to…
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Funny Animal Sidekicks Steal Hearts

By Prince Rael the Magnificent (Transcribed by Adrienne deWolfe, aka “Minion”) Greetings, Humans! It is I, Prince Rael the Magnificent, writing on a subject that is near and dear to every (self-respecting) reader’s heart: why cats…
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Texas Lover: Sexy Ranger Hides a Secret!

Researching Old West lawmen for my Wild Texas Nights series was a real hoot. I learned that Texas Rangers adhere to a VERY strict dress code: They can only wear white or gray cowboy hats. (That’s right. No black Stetsons for the good guys.) They…
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Devil in Texas: Help! I’m Stuck for an Ending!

I was in the throes of writing Devil in Texas when my muse went on vacation -- for nine months, mind you.  Seriously.  What writer doesn’t know the ending of her novel for nine FREAKING MONTHS?! “God hates me,” I whined to my favorite…