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Bawdy Songs for a Sassy Siren

Schlock.  That’s what my high school English teacher called my best attempts at poetry when I was enrolled in his Creative Writing class. But the joke’s on Mr. Snooty, ‘cause nowadays, I’m a bestselling author, who writes bawdy rhymes…
Historical Romance, Western Romance, American Romance, His Wicked Dream

Miracles: They Really Do Happen!

Do you stop to recognize the miracles in your life? So many of us have been brainwashed to believe that the term, “miraculous,” can only be applied to giant earth-shaking events, like winning the lottery or discovering a cure for cancer. …
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Devil in Texas: Help! I’m Stuck for an Ending!

I was in the throes of writing Devil in Texas when my muse went on vacation -- for nine months, mind you.  Seriously.  What writer doesn’t know the ending of her novel for nine FREAKING MONTHS?! “God hates me,” I whined to my favorite…
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Reincarnation: Did I REALLY Live in the Old West?

I’ve had some REALLY freaky experiences writing my Lady Law & The Gunslinger series, so I’ve decided to come out of the closet and “dish.” First, I should probably confess that I am wholly open to the idea of Reincarnation. …